Saturday, November 17, 2012


My neighbor (my cat sitters!) brought me a very cute little bag the other day.  It was actually included in a magazine for gift items, etc.  (This is a very popular concept in Japan.  Buy the magazine and tucked away in the depths of the pages is a box with a bag or a handkerchief or a hair accessory etc.  Great sales promotion!)

I think the magazine was promoting the Korean artist, Jetoy, who specializes in cat illustrations.  I'm not quite sure why her kitties always are wearing clothes (I know my cats would never stand for it!) but the illustrations are cute.  Now to think of a way to use my new bag!

Come to think of it... Maybe Mi WOULD stand for getting dressed up.  She was sitting peacefully on the sofa the other night and Y-kun decided she might be cold and wrapped her up in his sports jacket.  She didn't seem to mind.

Mi is the most photogenic of our kitties as well as being the most laid back.  None of the others get their pictures taken as much as Mi!  

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