Sunday, November 11, 2012


I'm not getting much done recently.  Mostly hand quilting and I've still got a long way to go on that.

My friends have been coming over doing some quilting and sewing of their own.  They are gradually learning how to use their sewing machines.

 Rumi-san finished her little wall-hanging!  She did this all by hand and it will go up on her entry wall.

This little fellow (that's a bird by the way... he is sitting by my car door.) has become a regular visitor.  In fact I was wondering why my side mirror was so dirty and hard to see through!  And then the car door!  Yuck!  What tree did I park under?  I parked under my own tree and this bird has fallen in love with his reflection in the side mirror.  He spends quite awhile admiring himself and kissing himself in the mirror.

Now I'm not real thrilled with the gunk on my car door but I am a bit flattered that a bird has adopted us.  Would you believe I even went out and wiped off the side mirror so that he can see himself better (and I can drive more safely... but to be honest, that was a secondary thought).  Now I'm hoping he doesn't invite friends and family to roost on my car.

On our way home from our morning walk our farmer neighbor called to Tetsu to come and get some icicle radishes that are ready for harvesting.  Don't the autumn chrysanthemums look colorful in his fields!

 On the way out for walk...

 And on the way back.

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