Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blocks and more blocks

I think my hand sewing output goes up during the winter.  I sit in the warm living room with little pieces of fabric fluttering at my feet.   This week I've been working on buttonhole applique for this year's kindergarten bazaar quilt and the Pine Burr blocks.

This year's bazaar quilt is called Cake Walk from a pattern in a magazine... but I've left the magazine at Mrs. Furui's so I'm not sure which one...  The blocks in the magazine were made on a black background which was very striking... but we chose traditional white hopefully making this a bright and cheery quilt.

The first month we got together and cut and sew the center Nine Patch.  And at the last meeting we sewed the additional white background and marked applique shapes.  6 of us took home a block or two with homework to applique the leaf shapes (but we're not calling those leaves in order to stay away from just green) and circles.  Altogether in the next couple months I hope we'll end up with 24 vibrant blocks!

And I spent the evenings quietly sewing away at another Pine Burr block...  I really ought to have a purpose in mind, but committing myself to another bed size quilt is exhausting to think about...  As many of my quilts go, I will probably just make blocks until I start thinking the final product will be too scary to quilt. Well, that's not all bad.  A perpetual hand project never leaves me wondering what I should do with my time.

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