Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cats in the cold

I haven't featured my cats on the blog lately.  They are too cold to get into any mischief (except for Toi and Patora upstairs in the sewing room.  They destroy boxes and knock things off the shelves regularly... but  the sewing room was such a mess to begin with it would be too hard to explain what was cat clutter and what was mine.)

Here is Mi "caged" in the newspaper rack...  The rack is something we put our read newspapers into everyday and when it gets full all the newspapers can be easily tied even while in the rack... and then pulled out in a bundle.  Tetsu just turned the rack upside down on Mi when getting ready to recycle the newspapers.  Mi doesn't seem to mind and stayed happily there for quite a few minutes.

Here is Chip under the Fiery Starr quilt.  Chip is anti-social and won't cuddle with any other cat but she loves my quilts.

And here is a cat ball!  Better than a hair ball!  I came back from somewhere and Velvet, Cleo and Mi were clumped together doing their best to stay warm in the freezing house.  The cats love it when people are home... not so much for the company but because humans like a warm house too! (Toi and Patora have a heated cushion upstairs in the sewing room.  It is making my electric bill run very high this season!!!)

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