Friday, January 04, 2013

Eek eek.

Let's see...  I don't want to complain here... but I have an annoyance to relate.

Tetsu and I have been talking about getting an iPad since.... Oh, I don't know... last summer?  Maybe even before that when my friend Lorraine was visiting and showing me how hers worked.  And I know I gave it great thought before I went to the States in July just because I didn't want to lug my computer with me to the States.  And while I was in California I admired the way my brother whipped his out and played with it.  And I remember Leiya suggesting we just go buy one and worry about whether or not I would be able to use it later. And Takumi was annoyed with me at the end of the summer when I still hadn't bought an iPad.

"If you had bought it here then I could have set it up for you and shown you how to use it."

But I am a wishy-washy person and went back and forth about why I should or should not own an iPad.  It is just a toy.  I have enough blessings in my life...  a workable computer, a new camera, a workable sewing machine, a Kindle.  I don't NEED an iPad.  I wondered if I was just getting caught up in Keeping up with the Joneses.

"Everyone else seems to have them, why not me too?"

I don't even know what I want to do with an iPad.  I don't even know what they CAN do.

Tetsu does not have a computer and he insists he can't use mine because it is from the States (the keyboard doesn't have Japanese characters on it though of course it can type Japanese).  Tetsu 'sorta' wanted an iPad just so he could play a few games on it...  He definitely doesn't want to bring home work and sit at a computer some more.  He doesn't want to write things or use programs etc.

We admired Marlene's iPad in December when she was visiting.

Let's do it!!

Tetsu visited a store and got information on it (AGAIN.... We did this once with a clerk last June.)

He suggested we go look together at the end of December and we talked together with a clerk AGAIN.  The clerk was even carrying things to the register when Tetsu suggested we WAIT until the beginning of the year.  I'm not sure why...  He thought there might be a sale?  We have done this so many times that I'm feeling like a monkey who is being teased by treats held through the bars and then snatched away before it can reach them!


"Today is the day, Tanya!  Let's go buy us an iPad!"

But it was still... should we try this store?  No, let's go to that store first.  Wait... maybe THAT store would be better.  Finally we stepped into an iPad store.

"I'm so sorry.  iPads are all sold out.  We had lots of them at the end of the year but now we have a waiting list.  I don't know when they will be available again.  Do you want to leave your name?"

No.  Tetsu didn't want to leave his name...  Hmm.  What a let down...  Maybe it just isn't meant to be.

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