Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pine Burr blocks

The cold weather is keeping me from spending much time up in the sewing room.  Thus no machine sewing.  Instead I sit in the warmth and do piecing.  For no real reason I've made another Pine Burr block. 

A couple of years ago, my friend Mrs. Nakazawa, gave me a couple bags of hand marked triangles that she had made for something.  She thought I'd be able to make use of them but actually, as a machine piecer I didn't think I'd have the patience to sew with them.  Hand marked, scissor cut.  They would be too hard to work into a machine pieced quilt.  I debated tossing the bags out... but instead stuffed them in my closet.

Yeah!  The little triangles aren't the exact size I need for the Pine Burr block but with some minor marking and cutting they work just fine and there is a lovely assortment of fabrics!  One of the few bags of stuff STUFFED in my closet that I've actually found a use for!

Thus another Pine Burr block has been made and I'm working on a third.

Dear me...  This looks like it is trying to grow into a quilt.

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