Thursday, January 10, 2013

Random scenery

Even though my camera isn't a big heavy thing, the two extra lenses that I have add weight to the camera/handbag.  The weight doesn't seem to deter me from  carrying my camera with me at all times and I'm getting pretty handy at pulling over while driving and snapping a picture out the driver's window.

The sunset pictures were taken yesterday afternoon around 4:30. Driving home from the supermarket I turned into a farmer's driveway and took this picture.

The sun was so large and orange in the sky!

 And a few days ago the clouds were shining in the sky so I tried photographing them too.

This is the scenery from just behind my house on the road between the rice fields.  I love the way the mist rises from the fields after a rainy day.

On another rainy day I admired a high tension tower at the entrance to a mountain tunnel.  I'm not a fan of these high tension wires that crisscross the landscape but this one looked like a lone sentinel standing guard over the forest and valley.  Sort of lovely in a man made way.

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