Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Tetsu's rocks now adorn our living room window.  He is so pleased with them.  He considers them a focal point of our interior decorating.

"Tanya, we ought to go to the coast more often and collect rocks.  It is exciting to see what we can find!  (He can find.)

After Tetsu had combed the beach for awhile and we were heading back to the car with his arms full of rocks I pointed out one in the sand.

"Look at this piece of wood."

"That's not wood.  That's a rock."

"Tetsu, that's not a rock, that's a piece of wood.  Look, it has a nail hole in it."

"That is definitely not a piece of wood.  That's a rock.  Feel how heavy it is."

"It's heavy, but it doesn't have the iciness of the other rocks...  It's a piece of wood."

Once home the rocks got spread out on the living room table so that Tetsu could admired them and then pick and choose his favorite.  By far, the piece of wood/rock  is our favorite.  It has now become part of our daily topic of conversation.

"Is it a rock?  Or is it a piece of wood?"

I don't know how we are ever going to know.  We'll probably just take a survey of everyone who comes in the house...

"Hello, hello.  Please come in.  Before you sit down, would you give your opinion?  Is this a rock or is this a piece of wood?"

I don't expect a picture on my blog to result in any answers either... But at first glance... Is this a rock or a piece of wood?  (If you click on the picture you can get close up.)

Of course, really knowing would take the fun out of it all.

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