Monday, February 25, 2013

Heart shaped pouches

I got on a sewing binge. 

For Valentine's Day, a neighbor girl (she and her sister are my cat sitters) brought me some home made chocolate cookies.  The proper response in Japan for receiving a Valentine's gift is to return the thought on White Day, March 14.  I wanted to sew something small so I went looking on the Internet and found a cute pattern for a heart shaped pouch.  It is pretty basic but since I couldn't pull anything out of my head I followed the step-by-step instructions.

One...Two...Three heart shaped pouches.  All different and I don't mean just the fabric.

One has the zipper in up-side-down.  One has the zipper facing the other direction (I don't think it makes any difference).  And one turned out as instructed.

I got carried away and made three more.

I can see variations on this so I may go out and buy more zippers...  Now to not lose these while waiting for White Day.

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