Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Patchwork homework

I've started quilting the Scrappy Trip Around the World.  It will take me some time though because I'm going to do this is small increments.  I am NOT going to mess up my neck again!!!

Oops...  I just went upstairs to take a picture of the quilt on the sewing machine and I see that it is being occupied by Toi.  I guess he approves of it.  Look at those eyes.  Toi is such a pretty kitty... Too bad he doesn't like other cats.... 

"Thank you...  Please move over a bit."

There.  So this is the over-all pattern I'm trying to quilt into this quilt.  This will be a first attempt at overall quilting on a large scale.  We'll see how it goes and how well my neck holds up.

In the meantime, I've finished another Pine Burr block.  Not too thrilled with the lack of contrast on the last one but I had the same fabric in two colors and I thought that it would be appropriate.  As I say, this looks like it is growing into a quilt.  I just turned my camera to take this picture, wondering what an on-point setting might look like.  This might be nice too...

And the other day Mrs. Ochiai and Mrs. Furui and I laid out the four blocks we had completed for the bazaar quilt to see how we are coming.  Eventually we'll have 25 blocks but this gives us an idea of what we might do with the white space later etc.  Coming along... coming along.  I brought home homework.

And here is Mrs. Furui's attempt at making a summer quilt for the hospital wall where she volunteers.  This is quite an out-of-the-box technique for Mrs. Furui.  She usually stays with traditional blocks.  Next step for this is appliqueing little circles all over...  What do you bet she passes this around for some applique help!  More homework!

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