Sunday, February 24, 2013

Walks with Choco

Tetsu had to stay at the convalescent home last night so Choco and the cats and I were on our own.  Choco and I took a couple long walks.

This was taken yesterday afternoon.  We walked past one of the corn fields with a few corn hulls and husks remaining.  Choco wandered around while I tried taking a close up picture.  I got both Choco and the corn husk!

This morning Choco and I went out around 6:30 and watched the sun rise over the frozen fields.

Just a couple of farmers out checking their hot houses.

The shadows were long on the ground.

The nice thing about early Sunday morning is that the ground is frozen (Choco can't get muddy) and most people are still sleeping (less likely of meeting up with a car).  I let Choco run awhile along the fields.

We are supposed to have snow again but the sky looks clear and blue this morning.

An early morning bird convention.

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