Saturday, May 25, 2013

The neighborhood bread shop

There is a bread shop that I pass on my way to town.  I go often enough that everyone knows me and I will buy bread and eat it at the picnic bench outside their shop.
For a little bakery there are certainly a lot of different kinds of bread. There are lunch breads with cheese or vegetables or curry and of course sandwiches...  How about a fried noodle sandwich?  (Hmm.  Not my choice either.)  There are dessert breads such as custard cream bread, chocolate cream bread and sweet bean paste bread. 

There are all sorts of cute beads too... Little bears, bunnies, Totoro (a Japanese character) and superheroes. 

How about some paw print bread?  When I visit the bread shop I always get the impression that the baker has a lot of fun thinking up new types of bread.

These were new... fish bread.... There seem to be fish sticks inside...

W~o~w!  Yes, that is what you think it is...  It is named "oppai bread" so now you know the Japanese word for br--sts.  It is filled with milk cream.  I don't think the owner was being ribald...  Oppai bread seems to be a popular bread with the neighborhood children.

I love walking into the bread shop!  Such an aroma!  What shall I have for today's lunch?


Deborah said...

Our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter loves Totoro! She would love that bread!

BrendaLou said...

this looks to be sweet breads...except the fish stick bread. Is this more like a "donut" shop in the US, pastries, or are many of them savory too?

Amanda said...

What a wonderful display. We've just got back from France and the bakeries there are fantastic, the smell as you walk past makes your mouth water but it's the displays that are so tempting. I only wish I could eat any of it, but having to be gluten free means I can only stand with my nose (metaphorically of course) pressed up against the window.

Sandy said...

and what did Tetsu think of the one particular photograph when he saw your blog? ;'D
Sandy in the UK
PS you don't need to reply to this!

Anonymous said...

What a sight that must happily eating their boob bread. funny!
I love the fish ones...don't know if I would want to eat one, though!
Great post, Tanya.
Best regards from Gail in Wa State