Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thank you May Britt!

I feel like I'm never going to get back to patchwork! I don't think I've touched fabric for the whole week! (That's not true. I quilted for 30 minutes on Monday night and paper-pieced a small block over the weekend.) But I am far from my normal quota of sewing! Obviously I will not be reaching the goals I set for myself this month. I guess I was too optimistic about any free time I might have. No big problem but now I'm beginning to worry if I'll even finish the Wonky Word Quilt by the time we leave for California. I had thought I could just quilt in California if I didn't finish it but I certainly won't be taking my quilting hoop with my across the Pacific so I need to get it done in the next two weeks! (This is where it would be very nice to have mastered Tonya's hoopless quilting technique.)

But I do have something great to show you! Ta-Da!! May Britt's stitchery bag arrived in the mail!! Isn't it adorable?! She even checked out some of the quilts that I've made to get an idea of the colors I like. They are just perfect! I'm taking it today to show my quilting friends and I can just hear them say "Those are Tanya colors!" The stitchery is so tiny and even! The inner lining is a beautiful dark red shade in a deep floral pattern! And the quilting! I had to ask May Britt if she'd done the machine quilting herself or if she had found prequilted fabric! She did it herself in a beautiful swirling pattern! The pictures just don't do it justice!

Thank you May Britt! I am carrying it around and bragging to everyone about my wonderful bag!


marisa said...

the bag is so lovely.

Nadine said...

It's just adorable.... Aren't we lucky ? I say "we" because... guess what ? I got one, too !
Mine is blue, and soooo lovely ! It's coming with me to Italy.... (I'll post a pic. of it, when I'm back)...



May Britt said...

Enjoy your bag. It was so fun making it for you.

The reason why you are not doing any quilty now is that your DD is with you. It is better to spend the time with her than in front of the sewing machine.

anne bebbington said...

Lovely little bag Tanya - you deserve it. Don;t stress about getting things finished before you go to the States - enjoy your time with Leiya

teodo said...

Beautiful bag Tanya.
You are very lucky.
ciao ciao

Carmen said...

Very beautiful.

meggie said...

Beautiful bag! May Britt is such a sweetie!
And you are the perfect sweetie to receive it!