Saturday, December 22, 2007


I should have started drinking green tea earlier.

So much for Christmas preparations. Wednesday night I came down with something and I managed to lose two days. Had to cancel everything. Classes, meetings, parties, Christmas programs, lessons, last minute Christmas present making etc. The first day Tetsu took me to the doctor and I spent the rest of the day sleeping. Yesterday I was up to watching TV but talk about boredom. You can't believe the stupid daytime TV. Even so, not energetic enough to even find an old DVD to watch let alone do any handwork. The Christmas cards sat on the table unaddressed but I didn't even want to do that.

As for today. We've got Christmas potluck tomorrow after church so hopefully by late afternoon I'll be moving around a bit more. I've asked Tetsu to do the shopping for that!

Do you see that little paper bag. That is the cold/flu medicine I was given by the doctor. In Japan they still haven't gotten into the system of giving out medication in childproof packaging. Just hand the pills and powders in paper bags. This used to upset me when the kids were little but I rarely think about it anymore. It does seem that in such a technically advanced country as Japan, that they would develop some safety gadgets but I suppose it is not a matter of they can't just that they don't see a need.

Everyone stay warm (and Meggie stay cool). Christmas is around the corner!

Here are a couple of the candle decorations my last class on Wednesday made!

"Light the Advent Candle Three
Think of heavenly harmony
Angels blessing, Peace on Earth
At the blessed Savior's birth!"


Quilt Pixie said...

may the bug you've so wonderfully been hosting, realize its outstayed its welcome and head off soon :-)

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

drat, nasty timing. I hope you are feeling ever so much better.

anne bebbington said...

Hope you feel much better very soon Tanya - keep warm and look after yourself

andsewitis Holly said...

Feel better soon, Tanya! Merry Christmas!!

Shelina said...

I do hope you feel better soon. I think in America, people try to correct things too much. Instead of child resistant packaging, I suppose people to take on responsibility - they expect the parents to do a better job of keeping the medicine away from the children, and teaching the children not to touch them.

Katie said...

Oh dear! Hope you feel completely better for Christmas.

Luna said...

Oh, poor Tanya,
I hope you feel better soon !
Have a wonderful Christmas !!!

Keep warm
PS: I like your Tea light holder and I also have those pocket body warmer, but with a chemical gel in it. You can restart it, if you took it in boiled water, cool down and restart by crack of a metal