Thursday, February 07, 2008

A package from Germany!

I received the nicest package from my blogger friend, "Luna" in Germany this week. Luna had posted some pictures of some wonderful paper decorations that are often made in her country and when I commented on them she offered to send me the pattern.

Luna (and her Mom) also sent me a magazine about paper crafts, some German tea and a postcard of her home town! It was such fun to look through the magazine (of course in German!) and I am planning to take it with me to Mrs. Furui's, my patchwork friend because Mrs. Furui spent four years in Germany and reads German. What do you bet that I get some of my patchwork friends inspired to make some of these lovely paper decorations!

So today I have two woven paper birds that I made last night before going to bed. These are supposed to be hung in a window but it was too dark to take a window picture last night. I'm going to try to make a few more as I can see these being marvelous Easter decorations!


LaurieG said...

You made my day! for all the details.

Marilyn R said...

Sweet woven birds! I love them!

meggie said...

How lovely! Blog friends are just the best!
Love those birds, as you say, perfect for Easter.

Luna said...

Oh I´m happy that you received the package.
Your birds are beautiful.The colors are great for spring and eastern. You can put some branches to hang the birds on it. It is wonderful to see that you have fun with the pattern.
I hope that Mrs.Furui can translate for you and your friends would like to make the paper decoration with you.