Friday, February 22, 2008

Sidetracked again

Oh goodness! Don't even think of scolding me for going off again on another tangent. My tail is between my legs and I know I'm side-tracked. It's a condition I'm trying to remedy (but not very hard.)

I told myself that I have lots of projects going.

"Tanya, you are happy with what you are making. You have some deadlines. You don't have a lot of extra time. I know you love a challenge but you really need to focus on what you are doing and get a few of the Works In Progress finished. Look how many things are on your To Do list! Seven Quilts! Finish ONE thing and then think about starting another."

I didn't listen to myself.

The book Roberta sent me has been burning a hole in my sewing table. Just a peek at my stash. Heaven forbid that I go out and buy fabric for another project! Surely there won't be the perfect assortment of fabrics for another project in my stash!

There was.

Last spring Thelma sent me some of her hand dyed fabrics and they have been sitting in the drawer looking lonely. If I'm going to make a Happy Village, I need solids rather than prints and low and behold Thelma's dyed fabrics look like they'd make a WONDERFUL village.

I cut out squares. I cut them apart into pieces. I laid them on some batting. Not looking like much. I started adding triangles and circles and rectangles. I covered it all with tulle netting (I admit. I did go buy half a yard!) and now I'm machine quilting with some varigated thread that has also been sitting in the drawer looking lonely!

Forgive me When-oh-When!
Forgive me Wonky Word Quilt!
I promise to get back to you Bazaar blocks!
I really will start a Wonky House block next week!
Soon you'll be a set of four, Friendship blocks!
365 Challenge, be patient. You're in my heart!


Clare said...

I adore it - its beautiful.

Do you want to add something else to your list? It won't take you very long I promise. How about a red and white block for me and then you get add yourself to the BuddyMap map!

anne bebbington said...

Variety is the spice of life - love this the colours are exquisite!

Nancy said...

I, for one, think you did absolutely the right thing!

No Will Power, Near Philadelphia

CONNIE W said...

Love this post!

Shelina said...

It is a beautiful quilt - and easy to see how you could get sidetracked. Oh, Wait, I mean, how DARE you get sidetracked Tanya! On the plus side, you have made a lot of progress on it and it looks wonderful with those fabrics. Just be sure to finish this one before you more on to anything else, okay? Okay.

Beth said...

Just look at it as 'learning a process" :::grin:::: so in THAT context, you had a 'CLASS" and not just a START. Works for me! I think it is beautiful!

Quilt Pixie said...

great way to create a village! Love the idea, and may even give it a try! :-)

Marilyn R said...

I think sidetracked should be my middle name! You new project is looking great!

Mary said...

It looks great - once I get settled I'm going to pull out this book too.

Katie said...

I love that village! I have that book too but haven't tried it yet. I think you've sidetracked me! LOL

Patti said...

Never you mind! That village looks marvelous! The fabrics are perfect. All the little houses are just popping up everywhere. Love it!