Sunday, March 08, 2009

Choco's run

Tetsu had to work yesterday (Saturday) so I thought I'd go into the next town and bring him a Starbucks for a treat.


"Okay, okay. You can come too."

It was a lovely day and not far from us is a very large park with a dog run (that I've never seen anyone use). Let's make a stop at the park. I checked out the dog run (which you have to pay to use) and then went and got the key and sign the necessary papers to make use of it. Choco was very excited.

We think that Choco is part Pointer, part Dalmation. She barks continually at birds and on the few occasions when Choco has gotten loose she is outa here and no stopping her! It is so futile to go chasing after this dog because she is so dang fast. But just to watch her go and not at least try to catch her before she gets into trouble seems very irresponsible. So I chase and she thinks it a great game. Even walking Choco, though I'm not feeble, I can't keep up with her pace and she is always pulling ahead. Poor dog wants to run!

The dog run was designed with an inner fenced in area and an outer track and we went in and I took Choco off her leash! What fun! Can that dog go! Almost too fast for me to catch her on camera but I snapped one picture before she flew off the screen. After awhile we were joined by another dog but that didn't work out too well. They didn't like each other so Choco went out on the track for awhile and ran laps (whether she wanted to or not I don't know. She wanted to get at the dog inside the run!) while the other dog played.

There were toys and games around for the dogs but Choco didn't give a glance at those. She ran and slid like a baseball player heading in to home base and she really tired herself out! A good day for Choco and watching her made me laugh!

We made our stop at Starbucks and she sat somewhat quietly on the porch area while I enjoyed a Latte. And Choco was very happy to see Tetsu when we delivered his Caramel Macciato Frappe.

"Dad! Dad! You should see me run!!"


The Calico Quilter said...

That's one fast doggie! I'm shocked that you have to pay to use the dog park. Too bad, because if she could go over there a couple of times a week and run her little heart out, she would probably be a much calmer and better dog. How did you finally get her back on the leash?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Wonderful post, that is one happy pup! I love it!!

dianne said...

she's a cutie ... i've wondered how to pronounce her name, and now i know ... is she bilingual, too?

my dog used to like to run, and sometimes she'd get away from me ... i'd have to shake her box of treats to convince her to come close enough to grab her leash ... now she's a lazy old woman and i think that i could catch her if she ever gets ambitious enough to run.

scottishlass said...

This is so great to see Choco run. And yeah, there is definitely Pointer in there :)

Too bad, the dog run is not for free, as Calico Quilter said, Choco might be a much calmer dog if she could do what she was born to do - run and chase.

We have two opportunities where we can let our dogs run free, the first one is a dog run (maintained by the city and free) where the dogs and run and jump and dig and the areas of meadows between the dykes and the River Rhine that runs through our city. Especially Chandini loves to run and we take her and her older doggie brother Cenour daily. Good thing both react to signs and commands, otherwise Chandini would be in the next town over in zero minutes :D

If you are interested, here are some pics of Cenour and Chandini
Snow fun

Robbie Payne said...

It's so great you got to take Choco for a 'run'!! Dogs need that kind of exercise (don't we all!) and often. Maybe you need to get Starbucks gift cards for gifts so you can take Choco more often! I've read your blog about twice a month or more. I certainly do enjoy your adventures!

Julie said...

I know you must have enjoyed seeing him run! What fun!!

Mary said...

There is a dog park near the old apartment and Chesty loved going but he usually just watched the other dogs play. How nice Choco had a good run.