Friday, March 27, 2009


We woke up to snow this morning... So much for expecting flowers today... So I have more scenery pictures just because it was very beautiful.

That is basically the same picture I took yesterday. Can't see the plum blossoms through the snow.

More plum blossoms wondering if they're supposed to bloom or not.

A bamboo grove with an excellent example of gradation.

A lonely power shovel waiting to work in the fields.

Morning light.

I did sew (quite a lot) yesterday. I've put away the Feathered Star until I figure out what to do about quilting lines and borders. I added the last strip around the whole quilt but it is a lighter color than the the other fabric. It can't be helped. I didn't have any more of the first light fabric... And I don't have any more of the medium fabric (in the lattice) either which might have been nice for a wide border. So... I either decide that this quilt is finished or go find a completely different medium colored border fabric. I'll take this to Thursday patchwork next week and see what my friends think.

I also put together the Noah's Ark BOM. I think if I were doing this again I'd make the frames around each embroidery block wider. Of course I could have taken these all off and put some new ones on, but I didn't want to get too far away from what Lynette was suggesting. BUT.. the extremely narrow frame made it very difficult to sew and my seam allowance turned out very wobbly. Today I'll work on a border for this too.


Ursula said...

How about WHITE for the border. I think it would look great.

Marj said...

I was thinking maybe a geometric print in shades of blue & white for your Feathered Star. But just white would probably look nice also. The Noah's Ark BOM turned out very pretty. I like all the rainbow colors. Hope that your weather warms up soon.

Rae Ann said...

Holy Cow! Look at the snow. Night and Day from yesterdays pics. Means you can stay indoors and sew more! LOL
Love the Feathered Star and the Noah's Ark is just perfect for a child. Love it! Your moving along.
Rae Ann

Lindah said...

Both of your quilts are looking very nice. The lighter blue on the outside looks as though it was the original plan. I think either of the use a white border or to use a darker geometric print border... would be nice. Sometimes when we are forced to make a change from the original plan, it never looks right to us, but to someone who never knew the original plan, it looks great.
The little Noah's Ark quilt makes me smile. Because it is a primitive/folksy design, the wobbly seams that you mentioned (I can't see them in the picture) will fit right in as a design element. Finish it with confidence and a smile! And a sense of accomplishment! Good work!

meggie said...

I tried twice this morning to leave you comments on 2 posts. Blogger just would not let me post them!
I loved the blossom pics from your last post, & had commented- or tried to.
What a surprise you must have got to find snow today!

Shasta said...

Spring flowers and then snow. Your weather is just as fickle as ours. A good day to stay in and sew though. The Noah's Ark is coming along nicely.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

OK, I take back what I said about our weather being similar... you can have your surprise snowstorm, I'm not jealous. It is pretty, though! ;)

The stitchery blocks are great. I understand what you mean about those strips. I did a similar one and wished I had placed over sized strips around to be trimmed later. Live and learn.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

brrr. your border looks wonderful with white in it