Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Airport stories

Day one and not much to report on. I am suffering from jet lag!! I usually don't but last night I couldn't sleep so stayed up reading a book until the wee hours and then slept in til 11:00 today! Unheard of! That may be why there isn't much to report on.

How about an airport story? From long ago.

When Takumi was in jr. high I think, Takumi, Leiya and I came to visit the States not long after 9/11. Security was high at the Tokyo airport and there were extra baggage checks all along the way. We passed through the first x-ray machine. We passed through the second x-ray machine. When we got to the boarding area there was even a manual check through our carry on baggage. No problem. Takumi and Leiya and I sat down to wait until we were called for boarding.

Leiya pawed around her backpack looking for colored pencils or something to kill the time with when she suddenly pulled an ice pick out of her bag and said, "What's this?"

I about fell out of my chair! I have no idea where an ice pick could have come from. I shushed Leiya and stuffed the ice pick back into the backpack furiously whispering accusations at Takumi all the while.

"This was YOUR backpack. What's an ice pick doing in there?"

Takumi denied any knowlege of the ice pick and we held a hurried conversation about what to do. I could envision us confessing to the security personel and pulling out the ice pick and all three of us being hauled away for questioning. We'd already made it through three security checks... Let's just get on the plane and get through the LA airport and home.

I have no idea if that was a smart move or not. For the next 10 hours I think all of us sat stiffly in our seats wondering what was going to happen if anyone discovered us with an ice pick on the airplane. No one did and we made it safely out of the airport and into my brother's waiting car. Before we even got home Leiya handed the offending weapon to my brother who put it in his tool chest where I doubt that it has ever seen the light of day since.

I still wonder how and why the ice pick got into Leiya's backpack and have nagging doubts about the airport security system...


Allie said...

Oh golly I can't stop laughing - this is SO funny and like you, I'm wondering what happened to security!
A friend had given me a switchblade one time- I lived alone and he felt I needed some protection. I carried it in my purse. I went to pick him up at the airport one time, totally forgetting to leave it in the car - and the check-in point, I remembered it and handed it to the police officer. He laughed and told me it was a good thing I did, I would've been arrested! He told me to see him on the way out and he'd give it back to me. WHEW.

dianne said...

i dunno ... i had an eyelash curler taken away from me by security - what did they think i was gonna do - pinch them in the eye with it?!? ha ha ha!

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

For all that our government likes to think airport security is very strict, I think plenty of stuff gets through, though my grand-daughter did get relieved of her perfume when my daughter's family flew to Florida/Georgia last month. That's a tragedy for a 13 yr. old. Do you think it's possible to hijack a plane with a couple bottles of perfume? Some of the rules are downright silly.....if you took enough 3 oz. containers of nitroglycerin in your one quart bag you could make quite a boom but you can't take anything to drink or a couple little bottles of perfume. Common sense seems to take a back seat when politicians start making up rules because they want to look tough on terrorism.

KQ Sue said...

In 1999 we flew into Amsterdam and had to look for a security officer at customs before leaving the Air Port. Called "Hello?" gentleman appeared at other end of hall and wave us on. Never within 30 feet of us. Friend with a cold was not allowed to cross from Canada back into to USA last year.

Mimi said...

Oh Tanya!!

This brings back memories of when I, yes me...the least threatening human being that I can imagine. (unless you are messing with one of my children, anyway!)

I was flying to vacation. For my carry on, I took a bag that I used for my travels back and forth to work. I didn't check the bag well, why would I?

Well, I made it through the first two security checks without a problem. As we were boarding the plane, I was taken out of line and scanned again with the portable scanner. I was laughing and yucking it up, never EVER thinking that I could really have anything of question.

Out of my bag, the security officer pulls a tool from my bag. Now, I absolutely LOVE tools and this one was a gift from my cousin. It was one of those "Buck" had everything in it. A knife, bottle opener, saw, pliers, and on and on. I was in shock.

They took my tool. I cried. They didn't relent. I wanted my danged tool! How can I keep my tool and still get on the plane? NO WAY, they said.

Well, I got on the plane, went to the flight attendant (I cried) who went to the captain. Those nice folks checked my buck tool in the baggage compartment and I got to travel!

My husband was so surprised and maybe a little bit angry with me! Our friends cracked up!

Ah, many surprises!


kate said...

My parents flew for the first time about 6 weeks after 9-11. Went through security about 6 times. Dad got pulled aside 5 times and checked over. Mom sailed on through....with a pocket knife in her purse the whole time!