Sunday, April 04, 2010

Promised fashion show

Okay. Fashion show time. I am so embarrassed to show these pictures but I promised. Before we started, Tetsu said,

"What's to be embarrassed about? I'm sure you are going to look great."

Lovely husband. Then I put on my uniform and told him I was ready to have my picture taken.

"Wah-ha-ha!!! Look at you!! That is hilarious!"

Bad husband. You are not supposed to laugh at me....

Here I am as a regular crosswalk guard. (Until May 1st.) Long pants. Glory. Don't I look chubby. I blame most of that because Tetsu kept taking pictures of me from ground level. And while Tetsu and I gave measurements on the larger side, the traffic organization ordered on the larger side too so I'd say all around this uniform is too large.

Here is the rain wear. Rainy season starts sometime in May. The hood is supposed to be used to protect the hat from becoming floppy.

And the same rain wear but with the helmet. I have no idea when I'm supposed to wear the helmet. I should have held the crosswalk flag the other way. The characters are all backwards in this picture...

And this is the winter fashion. Heavy jacket and heavy white gloves. Maybe I'm supposed to wear the white rain boots too. I'm not sure about that.

Here I am in the uniform I'm supposed to wear from May 1st to May 31st. Me in a skirt. How many years has it been? Yes, I know I'll have to iron the skirt.

And this is the summer uniform. The shirt is blue and there is another shirt with long sleeves. I don't have to wear the neck tie during the summer.

I don't think I'll make fashion queen. There must be some way to wear all this in a more attractive way... Stand up straighter? Lose some weight?

Tetsu kept mumbling as we took pictures,

"This whole shebang is costing the city at least $5000."

His final comment (to the cats) was,

"Well, what do you think? I think the city is putting out far too much effort on fashion and not even hitting the mark very well."

Thank you, Tetsu.

Hey look! I could even moonlight as a tour guide!

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