Saturday, April 17, 2010

Show and Tell

This morning we woke up to snow! Amazing! No walk for Choco today. Too wet, too cold, too slushy and drippy.

I had a great two days with Lorraine but where should I begin? Back on Thursday at Mrs. Furui's house. A couple of the ladies brought their quilts and flimsys to share with us.

Mrs. Harada has been working on a circle quilt and a few months ago she asked for pinks and green scraps from the rest of us. This is what she brought on Thursday and was asking advice for the border. She seems to think that this is now too pink and wants to tone the quilt down with a light green border. We auditioned some greens from Mrs. Furu's stash and everyone gave an opinion but no decisions made.

Mrs. Okutomi brought a blue bed cover flimsy that she was hoping to have basted for her but time ran short so this went home in the same bag that she brought it in. I think she said she's made an identical one for her husband's bed also.

Lorraine showed us her transportable hand work that she's been working on while she is visiting Japan. These are blocks for a Japanese Peace crane quilt that she is making. Again, Lorraine introduced us to a completely new technique of using foundation interfacing when hand piecing these blocks. She's left the instructions with me so I'll have to give this a try.

Mrs. Furui managed to put together a bed cover for her niece using the Broken Star pattern that I had shown her last month. Remember, the prayer quilt I'd made was sort of crazy and you had to look to find the stars. Mrs. Furu's is very organized and the blue stars stand out so nicely. She is hand quilting this quilt and it is in the final stages.

And yesterday I took a trip around the world! And with that bit of information I leave you hanging until tomorrow!

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