Friday, August 20, 2010


Tetsu pronounced last night's rice to be delicious and a big improvement from what our old rice cooker made. In all honesty I cannot tell the difference but he knows rice better than I do.

This was last night's dinner.

White, unadulterated rice.

Pumpkin simmered in soy sauce and sugar.

Fermented soy beans called natto (Tetsu elected to have the cold tofu).

Potato salad.

Eggplant and deep fried tofu strip miso soup.

And grilled fish.

That grilled fish is something from a horror movie. It is split down the back and opened and then slightly dried pressed flat. Yep, eyes and teeth and everything split right down the middle and looking up at you like a monster from the deep. I didn't take a picture of the skin side up in case the two eyes scared you away for good! Delicious but it takes some getting used to. It no longer bothers me anymore...

The left over rice in the rice cooker got made into rice balls some with salt on them to be later zapped in the microwave for lunch or a snack. Another favorite is rice balls with sour-salty plums that make your mouth pucker.

Care to join me for dinner?

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