Monday, August 02, 2010


Just some family pictures again. Sorry. I haven't been doing much in depth thinking lately. Mostly eating. And some sewing! But I'll show those tomorrow.

Everything is sold and eaten jumbo-size in Southern California. Just the shopping cart is about three times the size of Japanese shopping carts. And the watermelons behind me in this picture too. Japanese watermelons are smaller (about cantaloupe size) and round.

And with all the groceries that we bought at the supermarket, Marcy grilled us up some Carneasada, Mexican flank steak. This is the first time I've seen my brother's new barbecue grill. That thing is nearly the size of my kitchen in Japan! The few times we've ever barbecued in Japan, Tetsu got somebody to cut a oil barrel in half for us.

And then dinner that night was do-it-yourself BURRITOS! Some of us were cooking rice (Marcy). Some of us were cutting steak (Keion). Some of us were toasting tortillas (Kiana). And some of us were waiting to chow down (Takumi and Colin). A lot of people in that kitchen so it's a good thing it is big! And besides me who was taking pictures of dinner, there were at least 5 others waiting around to be fed too.

And finally, the sabotage of any dieting willpower. Grandma wanted a donut after church this morning. One donut. So I went into the donut shop to purchase my one donut and look what I came out with. I got into the shop and thought

"Oh well, how about 6 donuts? They look so good. I'm sure there will be someone else in the house (heaven forbid it be ME) who will want to eat a donut."

and I ordered a half a dozen donuts.

"It's only $2.00 more for a dozen ma'am."

Okey-dokey. 12 donuts it is!

I'm going to have to do a lot of swimming when I get back to Japan...

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