Monday, August 02, 2010

Sewing school

My brother walked into Grandma's house last night and wanted to know if I've started a sewing school. I wish!!

Marcy's good friend found out that she needs some surgery so Kiana wanted lessons on making a prayer quilt for her. That meant a trip to M & L, a LARGE, warehouse-like fabric store in Anaheim.

"Chose 7 fabrics for the top and one for the backing."

(I always make the same prayer quilt.)

And of course even non-sewers, when they get a whiff of fabric, hear the rustle of material, take in the splashes of color, and run their hands along the many flannels and soft cottons, get drawn in to the primeval urge to SEW!!!

Leiya and Kiana decided that they wanted to make aprons and so we spent more time choosing good "kitchen-wear" fabric. While they wandered through the aisle piling on bolt after bolt of possible fabrics I guiltily bought a couple more batiks.

Back home Kiana and I started on the prayer quilt. Kiana is getting to be an old hand. Last summer she successfully put together two Wickedly Easy quilts and a table runner for her room. She knows how to use the roller cutter and ruler, and she can align the walking foot for 1/4 inch seams. In a couple of hours she had most of the prayer quilt pieced and Marcy was telling her to leave some work for her too (it's Marcy's friend.)

You can tell Kiana likes that color of teal. She even wears it on her fingers.

In the evening Leiya started in on her apron and that was finished easily. Leiya will be moving into her own apartment this September and she will be COOKING so she wanted an apron. She chose cupcake fabric.

In the meantime Kiana came back and started on HER apron and by late last night Kiana had finished hers too. She chose sushi fabric.

So now the girls are ready to cook and eat.

And Marcy finished up the prayer quilt and all of us got down on the floor pinning it so that I can put some binding on it today.

We're thinking of going back to the fabric store so that we can make more aprons.

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