Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A picture's worth a thousand words

Wordless Wednesday.

The other day Anna on Pieceful Piecer tagged me as a blog that she liked that maybe not that many people were visiting. I'm supposed to tag two or three other blogs...

Okay. I'm tagging my friend Mrs. Ochiai's blog today. Yes, her blog is in Japanese but she doesn't like to write very much, mostly pictures. She has a fantastic camera and can take some really nice closeups of things around her house. Her blog is called "Ie no koto" which means "House news". Please pay her a visit. She is also a blogger that doesn't want to get involved in reading and answering comments so you can just go look at her photos for awhile. She's almost a perpetual Wordless Wednesday.

And another blog I'm tagging is "Utsunomiya and Beyond" which is another blog about Japan. This is a beautiful blog about the city I live next to and the husband and wife team take fantastic pictures and videos of the local sights. This is another blog that doesn't "say" a lot in words but communicates a lot in photos! "A picture's worth..."

Okay... I've got to get going!

Update: BrendaLou and Sandra let me know that Mrs. Ochiai's blog isn't open to the public. I guess I just have Mrs. Ochiai's URL on my favorite lists and I just go back and forth. Maybe someday she will open up to everyone... Sorry about that...

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