Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Climb every mountain~

Yes, well, 19 people recognized yesterday's picture as a bug. One person thought it was a robot which I was afraid of. But one out of 20 isn't bad. And a few of you got the hum part. I guess if there are enough humbug looking humbugs in Tonya's quilt that mine will blend in, so my Humbug will go to Tonya at some point.

And still playing, I made letters. I feel more confident about letters than I do about figures but by themselves they don't have a lot of personality. These aren't connected yet but hopefully before Tonya's cut off date they will be sewn together.

And I tried another bug. That's what it is trying to be. With a humbug expression. I don't know about anyone else but it looks like an unhappy Martian to me... What's the difference between a bug and an alien? Maybe the 6 legs... Arghh. I did not want to make 6 more legs.... Rats.

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