Thursday, January 06, 2011

Lost and Found

As you know, I spend a month each year knitting a sweater or vest for Tetsu. That's a lot of knitted work over 30 years! Some of Tetsu's old vests get passed on to his mother (the ones he's not especially fond of). Some of them I use. Some of them get reknitted into something else. Some of them get tossed. Most of them get hand washed at the end of the season and put away til the next year...

So, ding-dang-it-all, where did I put those sweaters away? This has been the question for the last two months.

"Tetsu, I can't find the blue and green gradation sweater I once made you. Or the blue sweater with the holes that I fixed. Or the beige sweater that I made for you just a couple of years ago... You only have three vests and one sweater in your closet now... Where could the others be?"

"Hmmm. I don't remember which ones you're talking about. Are you sure you didn't just toss them all?"

"No. I don't think so. Some I really like... Some aren't that old. But I've looked in all the closets and all the storage chests. I thought they'd turn up when we were getting out Christmas ornaments but they didn't."

"That's okay. I have enough as it is."

Still I've been looking and looking and yesterday I found them! (In a drawer where I used to keep old sheets in the laundry room.) There must have been some rhyme or reason for putting them all there last March or whenever. I'm so glad I found them before the season is over so that Tetsu can get a month or two use of them.

"Tetsu, Tetsu! I found the sweaters! Which one do you want to wear today?"

"I like the one you made for me for Christmas. I think I'll wear this one for awhile longer."


Maybe I need to put some new moth balls in the drawer...

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