Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter break was nice but...

This was how my days were starting a week ago. This is me in my morning relaxing mode enjoying a cup of coffee and the company of 4 cats. I've got pajamas on under that fleece shirt and I was lounging around like that til 10:00 AM a week ago. No longer! This morning I was dressed in uniform and out of the house by 7:30 for crosswalk duty!

Winter break was great! I'm a little sad that the work year has started for me from today. Sometimes I wonder if I would be happy completely retired and doing nothing but patchwork and housekeeping all day. Right now I have a nice balance of work and socializing and sewing but a mainly sewing vacation was very nice!

So, what did I get done this vacation?... Well, not THAT much. The Happiness quilt. The Fat Cats bag. I pieced three more Alabama Beauty blocks and wonder where this is going. I've got quite a few blocks up there on the wall with no plans for how to put them together. Gee... I could just make blocks forever... I like mixing up the combinations of colors.

I've been quilting another Angel quilt for Mrs. Furui to take to her volunteer hospital job. I guess I'll put binding on that before I show it here.

I spent some time organizing some patterns for a friend's secret quilt. (By the way, we ditched the idea of signature blocks just because we couldn't figure out who we would contact to have sign blocks. Going in a completely different direction now. What will I do with the signature blocks I've already made?) And while organizing I put together one applique block for the secret quilt myself.

Back to work! Remember this year my motto is that I "get to" do things, not "have to". God has blessed me that I GET TO work and GET TO be busy and GET TO stand out at the cold crosswalk! Thank you Lord!

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