Saturday, February 11, 2012

More animal pictures

My muse flew yesterday and I didn't get any farther on Mrs. Kaneko's quilt. As someone said, it has enough interest on its own and doesn't need a busy border. If I'd had more of the stash fabric I could have made the outer edges wider... but that was all I had. I tried auditioning a white along the edge but it really moved the eye away from the blocks. So I've folded Mrs. Kaneko's quilt up and it is again draped over the back of a chair... looking lonely.

So another cat picture. Cat and dog! With Choco in the house more this winter she becomes a new subject for photography. I know... You are getting tired of seeing the same cats on the same sofa! If I'd known I was going to take so many pictures of my 20 year old-stuffing-coming-out-of-the-arms-broken-springs-sofa, I would have bought a new sofa! But if I'd bought a new sofa then I wouldn't be letting the cats and dog sit on it!

Yes, that is one, two, three, four cats and a dog!

Choco: "Don't pay any attention to me. I'll just take this corner over here..."

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