Friday, February 10, 2012

Mrs. Kaneko's quilt

Although it seems that I have been quiet on the sewing front, I have been diligently working on projects.

More stars for the Star Within a Star quilt. I think I need to make four more.

Mrs. Furui has us working on house blocks for the bazaar quilt this month.

The priority right now is to get Mrs. Kaneko's Bible quilt finished. I've been slowly putting it back together after getting all the blocks quilted. Oh my, such a mess was that quilt! I ended up taking out a lot of the sashing, shortening the strips and re-sewing them, otherwise I had PLEATS at the edges of the sashing! I couldn't get all the wrinkles sewn out but this is as good as it is going to get!

Mrs. Furui had fabric in her stash that just matched the soft colors of the original quilt so I cut that up and used it as a joining sash. Right now the back is a gridwork of piecing so I'll have to add some thin strips of batting to the back side of the sashing before closing this all up.

The assignment today is to think up a border for this quilt. Unfortunately there is only about an eighth of a yard left of Mrs. Furui's stash fabric so I don't think I have enough for a pieced border. I've also been considering applique but introducing new colors to this quilt may kill it...

Patora and Toi are happy to have me visiting them in the sewing room!

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