Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Picture frame(s)

Yesterday my wonky carpenter was working hard.

Every year since Takumi was born, our family has made picture a New Year's card and displayed all of them by the stairway. We have 27 New Year's cards in 27 frames!

But last year during the earthquake, most of the frames fell off the wall and the glass in the frames broke. For a long time, while we still had aftershocks, the New Year's cards sat piled by the piano. I was afraid to put them back up on the wall! But come on! 9 months of broken frames by the piano?

I started putting some of the frames back up but the crash to the floor had made some lopsided, and most of them were off-centered. It is a small thing, but to have to go by the wall everyday and adjust 27 crooked picture frames was driving me bananas!!! I finally bought some big frames and asked Tetsu to put them on the wall.

Tetsu didn't trust the picture frames nor Japan being prone to earthquakes. Those frames are surely just going to get shaken to the floor again (in maybe lesser earthquakes) unless he devised something sturdy...

And so now our 26 New Year's cards are again up on the wall in an original Tetsu design.

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