Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 handwork

It is already December 31st here in Japan.  I had a quiet weekend because Tetsu had to go in to the convalescent home in the middle of the night once and ended up staying over night last night.  Families are busy or traveling.  They don't have the capabilities to bring their elderly home and so with less staff on the holidays there is actually more care to be given.  Though Tetsu doesn't get involved in hands on care these days, he can at least take night duty in the office.  During the New Year holidays he will be at the convalescent home quite a bit too.  With no children in the home, we don't really have to stick to a strict holiday schedule and can play around as we like.

So... time to evaluate the quilting year.  Not my most prolific I'm afraid.  A couple of days ago I went through this year's pictures to see what I had made.  Aaugh!  Not that much!!!

Some small things for presents and bazaars...

A couple wall hangings; a small Girls Day quilt, the snowman wall hanging, and the photo quilt for Marcy this summer.

I did some repair work on an old Bible quilt and put that back together earlier in the year.

Two "helps" were the donation quilt for a hospital and the bazaar quilt.  I can't claim those as my own though...  I did the quilting on the flower basket quilt for the hospital and joined my friends in making the forest and village bazaar quilt.

So that leaves... A zigzag baby quilt, the Crazy Goose Chase donated to the Ronald McDonald House, the Alabama Beauty quilt, the Promises and Borders quilt and the Star Within a Star quilt.  Is that a good amount of handwork for 2012?

And I didn't count the knitting I did... a vest for Tetsu, a vest for Obaachan and a woman's vest.  Oh.. You hadn't heard about that one?  That's because I started it a couple of days ago and finished last night.  It was another one of those "Can I make this?" projects that used up yarn in the closet.  Sort of an interesting pattern.

For 2013 my first job is to finish machine quilting the Fiery Star quilt I've been working on since September...  And somewhere in the sewing room I have a Work In Progress Leaders/Enders quilt.

Happy sewing to all of you in the new year!

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