Friday, December 14, 2012

Barking up a storm

Choco has had some excitement this week.  On Monday I was leaving for crosswalk duty and found Choco running around the yard.  We'd been back from our morning walk for about an hour and Tetsu had attached her to the heavy wire "rope".  But Choco is a strong dog and the wire was old (well, at least a year old) so she managed to break it. That day Choco was allowed in the house until I bought a new wire rope.

And then on Wednesday I was just getting in the car to go to the kindergarten when I heard a rustling in the forest.  I couldn't see an animal but I could see the underbrush moving around.

 "That's odd.  If there is another stray cat out there Choco would be barking up a storm."

No barking.  I went to look.  NO CHOCO!  This time she had slipped her choke collar (I don't know how many times I've asked Tetsu to remove the choke collar!) and was having a jaunt in the woods.


Good dog.  She came back right away.  It makes me shudder to think I might have left for the day with Choco loose for about 6 hours...

Then yesterday Choco was barking again and when I went out to look I found her tangled up in her wire rope and the beach umbrella we have for her to get shade.  Hmmm.  Tetsu has got the wire rope too long.  And in this cold Choco definitely doesn't need shade.  I set her free and removed the umbrella.

And right now Choco is out there barking up a storm again at people out for their morning walks.  The no-bark collar has not been effective...

Choco needs lessons from my friend, Mrs. Tashiro's dog.  This is Teto.

Teto was given a Santa outfit from someone and he is quite pleased to sit quietly and be photographed and praised.  There's a Christmas card picture for you!

I one time felt sorry for Choco out in the cold and made a fleece shirt for her. It was in shreds within minutes.  Choco is not a dog to wear clothes!  So she is outside freezing and barking and Teto is inside playing Santa.


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