Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas program

We have had a lot of Christmas activity the past few days.  The kindergarten has had its Christmas program and I've gone to two rehearsals and then to the program yesterday.  My part is minimal in all this... but I do lead each of the four classes in an English song.  And I do strum my guitar a bit (which none of the other teachers can do).  So although I may be on stage a whole 4 minutes, I have to be there.

The Christmas program begins with a worship service... I guess I show similar pictures every year but here I go again.  I took these pictures during the first rehearsal...  At Saturday's program the room is PACKED with parents and grandparents!  There's no way I have been able to squeeze in there to take pictures!

The mother's choir (not dressed for the occasion) sing by pen light as the children file in.  Look at all the babies slung in front and back papoose packs.

The oldest class of 5 and 6 year old's file in holding candle holders and they light each candle from the next and then sit down.  They've got a pretty good system with the lit candle held straight and the next lighter bending to receive the flame.  The kindergarten has done this for over 20 years and there's never been an accident yet, but I'm always happy when the Christmas worship service is over with.

The younger children file in after all the candles are lit.  These are the three, four and five year old's.  They carry pen lights and look forward to the day when they are old enough to hold real candles.

And here is the whole group with the principal lighting the advent wreath.  A lovely ceremony.

I hope I've blurred out this picture enough.  The oldest class puts on a fantastic Christmas pageant with singing and costumes.  (One year, nearly 20 years ago, the mothers spent the whole year making costumes for the Christmas program.)

The Christmas program was a success and I'm sure many happy memories remain for all the children and their families.  And this is so important too because most Japanese children have absolutely no idea what Christmas is all about.  Bethlehem?  Shepherds?  Wisemen?  Don't know any of it.  And most Japanese children have never heard that Jesus was even born. I watched the pageant and thought,

"Yeah!  Another 30 some children who will grow up with the true Christmas seed planted in their souls!"

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