Monday, April 15, 2013

Cat helpers

"What are you making now?"

I don't know why Tetsu bothers to ask.  I'm obviously making a quilt.  Isn't that what I am always doing?

"So what's this one for?"

"I don't know.  My time schedule is measured by years so I don't expect this to be done for a year or two.  If you see me upstairs on the sewing machine you can expect a finished quilt in a couple months time.. but if I'm piecing like this you're going to have to bear with the mess for a couple of years."

The quilt up on the wall behind me was at least 4 years in the making.  But it got done!

Actually the reason why I started this post was to show you how I am accompanied by the cats.  That's one, two, three, four cats in stairway formation watching me hand piece.  If you imagine me doing hand work, imagine me with all my helpers.  It gets a little complicated when they start climbing on my lap as well. 

This is actually how Chip would like to spend the evenings.  Chip LIVES on my lap.  The second I sit down, to sew on the sewing machine, to do something on the computer, to teach English... there is Chip, practically an extension of myself.  (Yes, she's here on my lap as I type.)

"Get that quilting board off your lap so that I can sit there, Mom!"

I have yet to use Chip as a pin cushion but I do have to go searching under her for lost pieces occasionally.

Cleo finally went and sat on Tetsu's lap.  I guess Cleo doesn't like having his picture taken.


Julie Fukuda said...

Luckily, none of them seem as large and hairy as Nikko. Even quilts she has never toughed are covered with hair!

BrendaLou said...

love the way the cats are so comfortable with life at your house! I am enchanted with the quilt on the wall. Have we seen a photo of the whole thing before?

DevonMaid said...

I have a lap sitter, too .. fortunately, he is used to me knitting in the evenings, and no longer bothers me by playing with wool or needles!

We have four cats altogether, and he is the only one I can have on my lap and still knit or sew.

judyjj said...

Love, love, love the photo of you and cats. I, too, am a cat magnet!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tanya, I especially like the photo of you and your stair-step cats...our cat, Sundance, is really Bill's cat..he sits in Bill's chair when he's not in it; he sits on Bill's lap, lays on arm of chair...the closest he comes to me is to whine when his dish is empty, or goes to door, puts front paws around door know to signal he wants to go I'm his "maid", I guess...he's getting to be an old cat, about 13...but he eats enough for 5 cats, but runs it all off outside...occasionally he brings us a "present" day he brought us 3 baby proud he was...I probably had a facial expression like Cleo when Sundance presented us w/ the bunnies, all three w/in about 2 hour time span....enough of the Cat World...there are a million stories in the Cat World...this is just one of them...hugs, Pat in IN

June said...

Shizuku-chan in shedding!! When she first came here from Japan, she had very little fur. It is warmer in Ei-cho than it is here. It took her two years to get enough fur to keep her warm in the winter. Now she sheds constantly! Ick! She has just turned 15 years old!

Temporary Mouse said...

It wouldn't be nearly as much fun without the cats.

Caron at Michigan Quilts said...

Tanya, my cat Stormie does the same thing your Chip does. She is ALWAYS on my lap, perched across my knee. And when she sheds, it just adds to the batting in my quilt. Love the photo of you and your fur babies!

Anonymous said...

If the last picture is of Cleo, he doesn't looked very happy at all. That really is a cute picture. Thanks for sharing.

Karen in South Jersey said...

Great picture of you and the family! The quilt on the wall is beautiful. Like your idea on the sashing!

Cassandra said...

I love your cat train!! They all look so well behaved... our two weren't so well behaved this early-am. As soon as one calmed down, the other one climbed off the bed and started pacing around on the hardwood floors. "Click, click, click, click..." Argh! Lol