Thursday, April 04, 2013

Kyoto trip

Hey friends!  Guess where I am this bright early morning!  (In Japan).  I'm in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan.  Yesterday at day break I left with a group of 4 other ladies, met up with another friend half way across Japan and the 6 of us are spending two days exploring Kyoto and the nearby Nara (with lots of World Heritage temples).  Tetsu shudders to think what 6 ladies traveling together might be like!  Noisy for sure!  A bit intimidating as we take over train seats and small noodle shops.

Well, I'm taking picutres but I:m afraid my camera battery will give out if I'm not careful (and yes, I recharged the battery before I left...  I'm just taking a lot of pictures.)  This morning while my friends are still asleep, I've come down to the hotel lobby and discovered Internet service for 15 minutes of Internet service.  But that doesn't include photo download... I don't think.  Wait a minute... Maybe it does, but I can't figure that out...  I'll be back in Nikko late tonight so maybe I can post photos tomorrow.

Bye!  15 minutes are up!

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