Friday, April 26, 2013

Quilting schedule

Yesterday's patchwork day consisted of 6 of us working very hard to put the different parts of the Cake Walk quilt together to make a flimsy.  (We didn't get it all put together....  I have a feeling Mrs. Furui worked to make corners for this after the rest of us went home.)

But the blocks are all made, I added the 2 inch square border and everyone else brought their applique border pieces.  This is looking pretty!  (I am so pleased that all the 9 patch centers and 2 inch squares came from my stash... not that you can tell by looking at the amount of my stash...)

Mrs. Ochiai manned the sewing machine.  She is very adept at using her "pick" go get those seams lined up just right.  And she wears her little ring pincushion that she made.

Mrs. Yamaguchi did all the ironing yesterday.  Don't you love how she sits on the floor on her knees!

I went back and forth from room to room handing Mrs. Ochiai things to sew or giving pieces to Mrs. Yamaguchi to iron.  I did let Mrs. Ochiai take a short rest and took over the sewing for a bit.
Once we get the Cake Walk quilt basted (next month's job) this will be sent to Mrs. Okutomi who will do the machine quilting for us again this year.  Because she hasn't been able to make the long drive to be with our group, she takes over on the quilting end.  What a relief!

Mrs. Furui and I made up a schedule of things we need to get done.

  • Cake Walk quilt ready for quilting by July
  • Autumn quilt up on the hospital wall by September
  • Summer quilt up on the hospital wall by June (gulp)
  • Heart pouches to make for a hospital bazaaï½’ by June (I'm going to Mrs. Furui's house today to work on that.)
  • Spring quilt for the hospital by... Spring.  We will start another McKenna quilt that Liz sent us for that project.
  • Two Ronald McDonald House quilts to donate by the end of the year 
And I have the Pine Burr quilt to work on... And Mrs. Furui has a Feathered Star quilt, a 9 patch quilt to quilt and the Thyme for Stu kit to work on

We need to get sewing!!

And here is Mrs. Furui's summer quilt for the hospital.  I will be working on the hand quilting during Golden Week which starts from tomorrow.


judyjj said...

Ambitious! Beautiful results!

Pat Heinbaugh said...

Hi Tanya, I don't know how you keep up w/ your sewing, where to go, what to hand to Mrs. to do, then on to the are much more organized than I will ever be...giggle...hugs, Pat in IN

Cassandra said...

That's a long list! I look forward to seeing all the pictures. ;)