Thursday, April 11, 2013

Some sewing

Although I have been flitting about here and there around Japan, I did get a bit of sewing done in the evenings once I got back home. 

I have added three more blocks to the Pine Burr block set.  This is beginning to look like a real quilt.  I'm already auditioning different sashing possibilities for this but those will be machine pieced if pieced at all.  My goal for this quilt is 20 blocks...  If I start piecing sashing that adds another two years to the project!

Another reason I'm ready to do sash piecing on the machine is because at the moment I don't have anything going on upstairs in the sewing room.  No quilt in the making on the machine!  I made short work quilting the spring McKenna quilt kit (thank you Liz!!!) called Thyme for Stu. 

This was completely quilted with mono-filament thread and I just went around and around and around.  I finally gave up quilting each and every little bump in those thyme herbs...  I was getting completely lost with the dark leaves and stems on the dark background.  Well, it is quilted enough (meaning appliqued too) so that no fabric is going to fall off.

I'm so happy with how lovely and relatively easily the McKenna quilts come together!


Julie Fukuda said...

The pine burrs are coming along nicely. You are almost half-way there! How large are those blocks?

kutiequilter said...

Love the McKenna Ryan spring quilt-too cute!

maddyrose said...

What wonderful projects! The pine burrs blocks are coming along nicely.