Thursday, August 23, 2007

Creative at last

I AM SEWING AGAIN! Yeah me! I feel like I've found myself!

Though I miss having Leiya in her room, I cleaned it all up and got it back to my sewing room arrangement. I contemplated rearranging the furniture but it was too hot and I didn't have enough muscle power and it would take me another two days so I just pushed some things back against the wall and arranged it like before. I've shown those pictures so I didn't photograph it. My sewing machine is up and waiting patiently for me to come and make daily use of it again!

Once the cleaning was done I sat down (in the air-conditioned livingroom) and did some piecing. I was a little distressed that I hadn't finished the Feathered Star blocks (I thought I'd done all twelve) but happy to find that I'd cut out most of the pieces for the last block. I had hoped to finish it all yesterday but I've still got a little way to go. You'll probably see the finished product tomorrow. This was a year long project and I did it all hand piecing (why!?). I'm stopping at twelve blocks and now I have to figure out how I want to put them together. This may mean a lot of computer time looking through blogs and websites. Anyone have any ideas?

In case anyone was wondering, my mom is doing ok with her week "alone". My brother and family has been gone since Sunday and I'd been worried about her eating habits and medication. I've called to remind her at least once everyday and Marcy's mom comes in once in the evening to bring food and remind Mom to take her medicine. This morning she said that the neighbors had invited her to dinner the night before (they'd been alerted to the situation) so it seems God has her in good hands.

As for Tetsu's mother, she's still in the hospital but more to protect her from the terrible heat wave that Japan is having. She probably could have been released after a couple of days, but going back to an unconditioned apartment would just send her back to the hospital so she is comfortable where she is. By the way, she is annoyed that she has to pay $30 a night to stay at the hospital and thinks it a waste of money. $30 is nothing!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!


Quilt Pixie said...

what beautiful blocks! I'm sure they'll look stunning however you set them together...

aless.erre said...

those blocks are greats!!!!

meggie said...

Lovely blocks, Tanya. Your work is lovely.

Shelina said...

Wow! Those are amazing blocks - such intricate piecing. They look paper pieced, with all those sharp points. They going to make a beautiful quilt.
I'm glad both of the Moms are okay.

Sarah said...

Your blocks are beautiful!