Thursday, August 09, 2007

My son, the geek

Yesterday Takumi became very interested in the camera I'd brought from Japan, the one that clicked. Then he started asking if Marcy had any sharp implements or tools.

"Don't tell me you're planning to do what I think you're planning to do!"

When Takumi was in seventh grade we had a computer that we'd used for a few years but that was starting to act up. It would freeze a lot and sometimes rebooting it didn't help. One day I came home from somewhere and there were my two kids with screwdrivers and pliers and little bits of computer all over the floor! I mean they had even taken apart the hard drive! The one that says "Do not touch the hard drive" on the outer casing! The two kids were stumbling over the pieces and pushing screws and wires randomly into piles on the table and they were having a great time. As I recall, I don't think it occurred to either child that this might be a no-no. Well, you can imagine the end of that story. We were without a computer for about a year and a half!

So the gleam in Takumi's eyes yesterday brought back memories. I had really planned to give the clicking camera to Leiya (she broke hers the first six months she was here. We are very hard on cameras) but said that if he wanted it he could talk to her. Even if she gave the ok, I suggested that he just take the camera back to his apartment and do what he wanted with it where I wouldn't know what he was doing.

"Well, it's broken anyway. I just want to see why."

"I don't want to watch this. Don't tell me the details!" and I left him.

If Takumi didn't learn anything, the childhood experience with the computer taught Leiya that I might not be too happy with this situation so she came in a few minutes later.

"Did you know that Takumi is taking apart that camera?"

"Well, I suggested that he not do it and if you want that camera even with the clicking, then you'd better stop him now."

"Ok, just so you know what he's doing. You don't mind this time, right?"

About 15 minutes later Takumi handed me the camera (all in one piece) and said "It stopped clicking."

It had! It still flashes an error sign but no more sound comes from it. Takumi was so pleased with himself. He said there were lots of little screws and the inner workings of a camera were cool but that it was touch and go whether he'd get the thing put back together. Too bad I chickened out and didn't get a picture of the inside of a digital camera! Now both kids want the non-clicking camera...

The funny thing is that Takumi is not particularly mechanically minded. He has no interest whatsoever in his car engine nor does he want to know why the car might need oil or a fan belt or whatever. His interest is just for electronic things I guess. My geek.

Sorry for this picture, my hunk of a son! I know Tetsu and my Japanese friends are going to get a laugh out of this!


Quilt Pixie said...

It's taken a lot of "errors" in electronic repairs, but my son has become quite proficient at tracing the logical sequence... At least he's learned when it "too much" and he needs to stop! :-)

meggie said...

Oh that painful ribcage! Eat some more Takumi! You are a very handsome man! Feel proud of your children Tanya & Tetsu.