Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Summer eating habits are getting back at me now. Do I really want to commit myself by telling you I've gone on a diet? Yes, because that is the only way I'll stick to it. I know it isn't interesting but as I've said before, putting it in writing makes me stick with something so these are my resolutions:
  • I'm dieting until I lose 3 kilos. For pounds people that is a little more than 6 lbs. I could lose more but I need to be realistic. You notice I'm not saying by when... I may live the rest of my life on this diet!
  • I'm keeping a food journal. At least writing it down makes me aware.
  • I'm upping my pedometer number to 14000 a day. This seems horrendous to me but what must be done must be done. I was getting to 13000 fairly easily these past few years but these last 1000 steps are a real headache and I find myself marching in front of the TV a lot in the evening. Sigh.
  • I'm trying a 20 stretch and exercise website that is nice now but may not fit in with my schedule when I start teaching again.

Ok. I won't go into the gory details.

I haven't shown any pet pictures for awhile but it is so hot all they do is sleep all day. They won't even open their eyes for the camera! The only time I could get a cat picture is when I was feeding them all. The two on the white linoleum, Patora and Lemi are the females and they eat regular food. The two that you can barely see on the flooring, Cleo and Velvet are the males and they both need special Urinary Tract something-or-other food. They seem to know the difference in their food so they stay on their respective sides though Patora, the fattest, will eat any and all left-over food.

And here is Choco looking hopeful for a treat. Sometimes I wonder about this dog. Absolutely wild when we let her in the house. Chasing cats, standing on the table, knocking over the trash cans, sticking her head in the sink etc. I try dog psychology and give her a lot of love, but though she gets more excitable when you pay attention to her, she absolutely never will look me in the eyes. You can't even pet her without her doing flip-flops in ecstasy. She seems happy but she responds only to reprimands and scoldings, not to praise. Hyper is putting it mildly. Still, we love her and make sure she gets a lot of exercise. I would love to have her inside all the time but she is uncontrollable right now. (I keep hoping she'll relax with age or as she gets used to us etc. but we've had her for two years and she isn't relaxing yet!)

Ok, off to do my 20 minutes exercise.


Laurie Ann said...

Love the pet pictures. My favorite, especially the dog ones. :) Choco is very sweet looking. I am sure she'll be less hyper as she ages. You are a good dog mom.

The Calico Cat said...

Since you showed the cats, have you tried the Feliway?

Luna said...

Wow, all your cats at one photo !
Choco is looking contently. Did you try bike riding with her? Perhaps she is relaxing after running beside the bycicle a few miles ;-)

I had diet before the holidays (3 kg) know I have them again...

teodo said...

Lovely your cats and Choco too.

I am always on diet........but I'm very lazy and so the results are few.
ciao ciao

nonchi said...