Monday, October 15, 2007

You Make Me Smile Award

Not too much to report on today.

One of the Sunday School quilts is in flimsy form. It was a bit more of a circus than I expected but it got done. We'll do the same next week for the second quilt. It turned out we had only the youngest members of the class yesterday. Two babies who are only a little over a year themselves. One three year old and one 5 year old. This made for problems but on the other hand because the mothers were there too, we had a lot of help. The little ones had never held a crayon before so to get any drawing on the fabric was a challenge. All the kids never figured out what we were trying to do so they were drawing on the table, eating crayons etc. When it got to laying patches on the interfacing, just to have the child hand me the patch took a lot of "cheering".

"Ayumi-chan. Give me the doggie (drawing). No, here Ayumi-chan. Give to me. Not the crayon. The doggie. Ayumi-chan, don't suck the fabric. Bring it to me! Good girl!!!"

Thanks to the mothers who also helped draw pictures we did end up with some cute little blocks! Ironed them all down (sort of strange placements but that's where the kids put the blocks so I didn't change anything) and I took it all home and sewed it together with a border. This for the little girl baby. Next week's we'll work on the quilt for the boy baby.

Connie tagged me for the "You Make Me Smile Award" even though I was tagged last week too. I see, the award has morphed again, and I don't suppose I have to write things about myself with the first letters of my name. I'll just say thank you and give the names of blogs that make me smile too. As I said before, you all make me smile but I especially laugh out loud and smile when I see the pictures of your sweet pets. So... I name...

Maine-Coon-Luna -- Frieda, Luna, Luzie and Patch
From the Strawberry Patch -- Hannes and Turbo
Lazy Gal Quilting -- Lily, Habibi, Howler and Pokey
Quilting Rush -- Roogrr and Disco
Blogging, Near Philadelphia -- Bodacious, (Fig and Survivor)
Life's Free Treats --Honey and Leo
And Sew it is -- Amos
Making Scrap Quilts from Stash -- Chesty
Quiltville's Quips -- Sadie, Buddy, Oscar and Emmy Lou
The Dutchlady -- Toby and Paula
Tazzie Quilts -- Holly
Quilting with Ragdolls -- Pixel and Noodle
Kusanohana -- Kanna
Aby Quilts -- Frieda
Oops. I did forget RB and Rhapsody at The Calico Cat!

I know that's more than the alloted 5 or 7 or whatever, and I certainly hope I haven't forgotten any of my other animal pals. I guess I'm not going to relay the message but if any of you notice your furry friends' (no offense to Fig and Survivor, Toby and Paula) names please feel fee to consider yourself tagged.


Mary said...

I'm so impressed - did you remember all the names of our little ones or do you have to go look them up?

I smiled today when we got back into town and picked Chesty up at boarding. I miss him when we're gone.

Tazzie said...

Wow Tanya, I'm very impressed with your memory. Thank you for being such a sweetheart, I love stopping by your blog, and it's so nice to know it's reciprocated.

Kieny said...

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Kieny said...

Especially on behalf of Toby and Paula we thank you for the honour ;-)!

May Britt said...

Frida says meeeeooooooww to you and purr purr.

anne bebbington said...

Oh Tanya - you did make me laugh with the bit about the sucked fabric - you sounded just like Joyce Grenfell!

Shelina said...

How sweet of you to keep working on the quilt despite the youth of the quiltmakers. You do like to start them young! I noticed the cat right away. I'm sure that the recipient will love this quilt - especially if you wash it before giving it to them!

meggie said...

Honey & Leo thank you Tanya!

Laurie Ann said...

Doetashemaschete. I can say "thank you" in Japanese, but I am not sure how to "spell" it! ^_^ I always enjoy reading about and seeing Choco too!! Loved the pictures of you both on your "walkies."

Laurie Ann said...

Dang it! I can't even remember the little Japanese I know. I was just sitting on the couch and remembered that is "you're welcome." So how about allegato?