Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I was off at the kindergarten graduation ceremony this morning.  Actually I was also supposed to be at the elementary school graduation ceremony but since both ceremonies were being held at the same time I chose the kindergarten's.  I've been the kindergarten students' English teacher for the whole three years that the kids are in kindergarten.  I only see the 6th graders for a few seconds every morning when they go across the crosswalk on their way to school.  But in the afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to have one of my English 6th graders come with his parents to say thank you for teaching him for 6 years. 

As a part time teacher at the kindergarten I had little to do at the ceremony but observe and bow politely to the teary eyed parents as they left the sanctuary (Christian kindergarten).  Nearly all the children's fathers attended the ceremonies too which is a change from when my children were little.  25 years ago it was the MOTHERS' job to do education duties and a father would nary show his face at the kindergarten  (I think Tetsu participated more because he had this foreign wife that insisted a father's role was important.)

Today I counted 8 mothers dressed in kimono for the important day, as was the homeroom kindergarten teacher.  From my viewpoint I could only get a quick photo of the back of one of the mothers.  Pretty obi on that kimono!

I must say that the parents, fathers especially, seem so young these days.  Spikey hair, earrings...  And they must look at me and think

"My, Tanya-sensei sure is going gray."

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