Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March flowers

The cherry blossoms will be blooming here next week (or this weekend!) and I have yet to post pictures of plum blossoms.  They bloomed a couple of weeks ago!  Too many things going on.

By the way... Tetsu came home last night in a good mood because I posted about him yesterday...Of course he can't read the post but he did get the "My hero" part.

"Hey!  You posted about me today.  You've probably run out of other things to say and used me as a last resort."

But he said it with a smile.  And Leiya Skyped and said she cried when she read about her Daddy.  So I've made my family happy.

Anyway... Plum blossoms.  They are the first flowers to start blooming and let us know that winter is nearly over.  Of course there are numerous types of plum blossoms; white, pale pink, shocking pink... even a yellow I think.

Some of these pictures were taken on Tetsu and my jaunt around the countryside last weekend.  Some were taken in my student's yard.

Sunday, Choco and I walked about 5 minutes to the very old plum orchard near our house.  The trees are ancient and only seem to be able to bear a scattering of flowers on each branch.  I brought dog snacks for Choco and rice balls for myself and then sat under the trees enjoying the aroma and reading my Kindle.  That is an ancient quilt... maybe over 20 years old, that is stained and faded from being left in the car as our official picnic blanket.  Another one of Mrs. Furui's and my first attempts at doing machine piecing while our kids were in kindergarten.

Hmmm.  Not cherry blossoms, but we were in some vegetable store where they were selling racks of flowers and I though these were pretty.

And I guess here's my Bokeh in Nature assignment for the photo website I visit.

Camera : Olympus Pen Lite Epl-2
Aperture : f/1.8
Exposure : 0.0005s (1/2000)
ISO speed : 200
Focal Length : 200 mm
Program: Program

This is Nanohana... that I found just off the side of the road when walking with Choco.  Hey, I just ate some Nanohana this week!  The taste of spring!

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