Monday, March 11, 2013


I live within walking distance of the world's longest cedar grove, Nikko Suginamiki. 

Yesterday was a windy day.

We are heading into the middle of March.

What does all this mean?

It means that the people who suffer from cedar pollen allergies, 30% of the Japanese population, are suffering!

From last week or so masks and goggles are seen in abundance around my part of Japan.  The children come to school bundled up with their faces covered and special glasses that fit around their eyes.  Nearly everyone wears a mask.  Yesterday I saw one man in the convenience store with both nostrils plugged up with  tissue.  If his eyes hadn't been red and puffy he would have looked very scary.  Poor man!

Yesterday's wind sent even non-allergy sufferers like me scurrying inside.  The air was YELLOW!  The cars were coated in a greenish-yellow film.  I was amazed that church members from the next city over would brave coming into our neighborhood for services.  That is called dedication to worship!

As Tetsu and I were driving to somewhere my eyes itched just seeing the CLOUDS puffing out from the cedar trees.  Oh my!   I did make Tetsu stop the car as I snapped a few pictures, but hurried back into the car brushing my clothes off before I got back in (as if that would do any good.)

Although it was a warm sunny day yesterday, nobody had their clothes on the line nor their futon airing from the windows.  Everyone was locked up tight!

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