Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hand-spun yarn

My blog friend, June, sent me some of her HAND-SPUN yarn!  It is so beautiful!!!  I knew that June did spinning (as well as long-arm quilting) but I didn't expect to reap the fruits of her talent.

Look at the beautiful colors.  The photo is a pretty good representation.  The strands go from dark teal to turquoise to a light lavender to a soft pink and twisted within the yarn are gold threads.  Just sitting on the table the two skeins look like they tumbled out of a jewel box!

June suggested I knit a scarf with these.  Hmm... Maybe... Or a dressy shawl?  I'm also thinking that the yarn could knit into an intricate Fair Isle type sweater.  Or... I've always like the round yoke type sweaters (called Ropi style?  From Iceland?) and this might be nice in a two colored sweater.

I have a feeling that I'm not going to get started knitting for myself until later this year.  Such a shame to put these skeins away for months... I could leave them in a pretty bowl and let them decorate my table!  (But then they'll get dusty...)

Thank you June, my brain is twirling with ideas for your beautiful yarn!

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