Sunday, March 10, 2013

Misc. cats

I guess I haven't had a cat post for quite awhile.   It is hard to catch some of them doing anything other than sleeping or eating.

Here is Vel on a rare foray around our front yard.  I take him out with me when I see Tetsu off in the mornings and this day I let him roam a bit.

Chip is our prettiest kitty but she really wishes she were an only cat.  She dislikes sharing the world with any other felines.

Cleo had an upset stomach last week and I really worried about him for a few days.  I took this picture on his first day taking an interest in the scenery around him.  I was so happy he was back to his curious old self.

Here is Toi sitting on the roof.  He wants to be outside and will jump from the window to the entryway roof and then to the veranda .  So far he hasn't figured out how to climb down that tree.

Patora, the least sociable of our kitties.  "Leave me alone.  I'm going back in my box!"  She is always noisy, never happy with wherever she is.  "Let me out of this room!"  "I don't like this other cat looking at me!"

And Mi, the darling of the group.  Mi gets along with everybody, wants hugs and kisses and stays out of trouble.

Staying out of trouble reminds me of Chip's antics this week.  She walked into the English room where I had three boys, jumped up on the cat tree and then peed at the wall!!!  Y-kun was very perceptive and grabbed the other boy's bag and jacket that was just under the cat tree.  Y-kun thought this was very funny (the other boy didn't at all) and reminded us of Chip's only other peeing incident in public.  She walked into the English room sat down on the same boy's book bag and peed on it while we all watched horrified.

"That cat sure doesn't like you!  Remember when she peed on your book bag a couple of years ago?!  Boy, that sure was funny!  I remember your face!  You've got the thank me for saving your bag this time!"  blah, blah, blah.

"Give it a rest Y-kun."

He does have a point.  I wonder why Chip as a chip on her shoulder about the one boy...

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