Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scrappy Trip Around The World Finish

 I have finished the overall quilting on my Scrappy Trip Around the World.  And I even got the binding on last night!  The quilting sure was a long haul!  But it is the first time I've quilted a full size quilt in the overall random style and it took quite a lot of time and a lot of concentration.   I'm wondering if it wouldn't have been faster to just hand quilt a few lines on this and have been done with it but this was my practice piece and is going to the Ronald McDonald House where I doubt anyone will be judging the quilting.

The good thing is that the quilt's scrappiness makes it very difficult to see the blurps and mistakes.  The bad thing is that for all the time put into this quilt the quilting can hardly seen at all.

The backing is cute isn't it.  I didn't really have enough so I pieced a backing and in parts it is green.  I had found this backing fabric a couple years ago at Ikea of all places, when I was in the States.  100% cotton, cute, and on sale.  The back of this quilt may be nicer than the front!  And the quilting shows up.

Ah well, I did learn how to space a random quilting pattern and get from one point to another.  And I used up quite a lot of my leaders/enders and other scraps.  Why is it I still can't close my fabric drawers?

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