Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I've a few patchwork blocks to show today though not all of them were made by me.

This is one of the Mini-Round Robin quilts made by the owner of the quilt. I'm not quite sure how the Mini-RR is going. Some people don't meet the deadlines and so we are having trouble keeping track of where the quilts are. Others have two that come in together unmarked so we don't know who they really belong to. (Makes it difficult to choose which block to make when you don't know who the person is.) I thought we had made it clear to pass along blocks in their envelopes but that instruction got lost somewhere as did the suggestion that the owner specify her preferences for colors or theme. Ah well, this is all going to be an adventure anyway! I hope everyone will be satisfied with their final products!

I made up this paper-pieced heart for the bazaar quilt. I am the only one in our group that does any paper-piecing and I don't think anyone else is very impressed with the process. I'm worried that this will get zilched because it might be too different from the other blocks people are making. There are quite a few Japanese books on paper-piecing but it hasn't really made a hit in Japan and none of my friends seem to be interested in learning. This was fun and fast to make.

And I put the finishing stitches into my Noah's Ark BOM! Yeah! These blocks were all so cute! Lynette has shown how these are all supposed to go together but I can't picture it yet. I hope those blocks all came out the right size!

I guess I am really a quilter at heart though I appreciate the embroidery and I think it adds a wonderful touch to quilted pieces. But on this last block I had to take out my contact lenses and work close up. Those reading glasses just weren't doing it for me! This may mark my last attempt at embroidery.


CT said...

:O I can't imagine anyone not liking that heart!!!! I must confess I am a bit ahem... terrified of paper piecing, so I've not really tried it yet... but if I knew it would eventually give me a lovely heart like that one you made... I think i'm off for my paper and pencils!

PS: If they don't like it, send it my way! hehehe... (only half) joking!

Karen said...

Love the heart and your Noah's Ark is going to be very nice.

Amanda said...

I've tried paper piecing, but inevitably get things backward, or have to undo seams because the fabric just wasn't quite big enough. It seems rather wasteful of fabric. I've nearly finished the last Noah's Ark block too, and like you, I'm pondering how to finish it off. There are a few examples on the Flickr group, and I can't decide whether to sew it together as it is or to space the blocks out with extra sashing. And then there's the thorny question of how to quilt it. I look forward to seeing what you decide.

Mary said...

I love the heart but I'm not a fan of paper piecing either.

I also love embroidery these days although I'm just doing postcards. I want to make another small crazy quilt.

Gina said...

Greetings Tanya,
I love your blog, what a beautiful picture you have on your header!
I am with the ladies above, I am not keen on paper piecing as well. I feel in love with your heart! lol
I kind of have the same problem regarding contact lenses and embroidery, they don't agree with each other.

Connie W said...

Your busy hands have provided you with many beautiful stitcheries. You are always an inspiration to keep busy.

Chocolate Cat said...

I love the heart block! Congratulations on finishing your Noahs Ark blocks. I finished my giraffes on the weekend and then realised I still had 7 to go!!!!

Katie said...

Wow. I'm so far behind on my Noah's Ark. Yours looks great!