Saturday, September 27, 2008

Autumn bounty

Let's see. I'm trying to figure out what I've been doing lately... Not much sewing that's for sure and not even much time on the computer though I'm not sure why.

The wasp hive that was in the forest has been taken down... by one brave Home Owners Association chairman! He came in the night with his flashlight and two cans of bug spray and unbeknownst to us, managed to subdue the wasps (used up both bug spray cans) enough to bundle the hive into a garbage bag. I heard all this from his wife the next day. She said that she stayed home holding on to the cell phone in case her husband called and needed an ambulance. Tetsu said the Brave Chairman should have let us know he was planning to go hive hunting and then Tetsu could have helped (since we live the closest to the hive) but then again Tetsu's very glad he didn't have to prove how courageous he is (or isn't). Brave Chairman is planning to hang the wasp hive in his entryway since it is supposed to bring good luck. Let's hope the wasps have all gone to wasp heaven.

This is not a very flattering picture but usually I cheat and only chose the better pictures of me. I'm holding the camera at arm length and took a quick pic and then got out of there! I wanted to show how big this hive got before Brave Chairman took it out of the forest for us. Actually that is fear in my face because you never know what might have come buzzing out of the thing even though it had been saturated in bug spray!

What else is new? The combines are hard at work in the rice fields and the farmers and their families make it sort of a picnic day working in the fields and resting on the embankments. Combines in Japan are not really very large and it looks like a farmers co-op must loan the same machine out to different farmers because the rice fields get sheared down one after another. Makes for beautiful scenery around here with some of the fields half harvested. In some places they are burning the extra stalks and the air has a smokey haze to it and a wonderful burning smell.

This is also the season for pears and I just bought some delicious Japanese nashi from my pear farming friends. Such a sweet treat!

Oh, and chestnut sums are up to 7 bags now! I have my work cut out for me!


Julie said...

Impressive hive! But it is really beautiful, isn't it?
A couple of weeks ago I discovered a yellow jacket nest in the ground by my mailbox. I went out at night and sprayed it with bug spray too. It seems to have done the trick. Are there underground-living wasps like that in Japan that you know of?

G'G'ma said...

My, that was a large hive. It had such an interesting design. Don't usually see an empty one intact. It is usually beaten to pieces!!!

Like Julie, we always have at least one nest in the ground a year. Usually don't know about it until someone gets stung.

artfilstitch said...

I have never seen such a large hive. Hope no one was stung. It is so beautiful and the design could be incorporated into quilting art. Our weather has been spectacular since fall has begun. Thanks for sharing your photos, always lovely.

LindaL said...

Wow, that's the biggest wasp nest I've ever seen. Very beautiful though, I can kind of see why your neighbor wants to keep it.
We have a small Asian Pear tree in our yard & they are about ripe. The flavor is OK but I always consider them kind of bland and like them best when mixed with regular pears in a pie or crisp.

Elaine Adair said...

Well, everyone else also commented on what I noticed about that awful hive! The pattern on it is beeautiful! I can to that! LOL

Marilyn R said...

That is one big hive! I would have been frightend to stand by it very long too! Thanks for being brave enough to show us the true size of that hive.

Chocolate Cat said...

So glad that big hive has gone!!! Those nashi pears look delicious.